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Certify to teach for better culture and results

Organizations that choose to work with internal coaches and coaches succeed in creating cultural change and better results more successfully than others.

Certify yourself to teach and get access to our course material - online and traditional

What does it mean to become a facilitator?

By becoming a facilitator we mean people within an organization who train in FranklinCovey’s processes within their own organization. Sometimes you may want to send your employees on an inspiring course. Other times, the goal is to consciously create a culture and achieve results throughout the organization, which requires continuous development of behaviors. Then internal coaches can be an effective solution. What we see is that the organizations that choose to work with internal coaches succeed in creating cultural change and better results more successfully than others.

Become an internal trainer

The knowledge remains within the organization for a long time

By having facilitators certified in our processes, there are always people who can train new employees or strengthen knowledge.

Access to the FranklinCovey Learning Lab network

As an facilitator, you get to be part of a network of hundreds of facilitators from different organizations. FranklinCovey invites to annual network meetings where we exchange knowledge and experiences with each other.

Cost effective

You pay an annual license fee and a certification fee for each coach. In addition, you only need to pay for the course materials you order. With FranklinCovey All Access Pass you can have an unlimited number of licenses.

Complete education with the possibility of adaptation

You get a complete training process that you can carry out exactly as it is or adapt to your own organization.

How it works


You as an organization choose your facilitators

Together with you, we define the qualities and competencies required to be successful in the role of facilitator in FranklinCovey's processes in your organization. We recommend training at least two people who can support each other.


The facilitators take part in a workshop

The people to be certified participate in one of our open workshops (if they have not already completed the process before).


The facilitators carry out digital certification

The future facilitators prepare through FranklinCovey's virtual certification page. Here, the facilitator can take part of information about the program, study the materials at their own pace and learn the program and see the current workshop on film with instructions and comments on how to best lead and adapt the process internally.


The facilitators carry out their first workshop

As the last step in the certification process the internal trainers carry out their first workshop with materials from FranklinCovey . Now they are certified!

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