This is how you execute strategy for great results

There are two things you as a leader can influence when it comes to creating results: your strategy and your ability to make it happen.

The importance of executing strategic goals in all organizations

There are two things you as a leader can influence when it comes to creating results: your strategy (or plan) and your ability to make it happen for real, to execute that strategy.

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After working with thousands of leaders and organizations in all types of industries, schools or public activities across more than 150 countries, we have learned the following: once you have decided what to do, your biggest challenge is to get employees involved and execute on the required level.

Why is execution so difficult?

If the strategy is clear, and you as a leader pursue it, will not the people automatically get involved in implementing it? The answer is no, and you have probably seen examples of this more than once.

The “whirlwind” of urgent activity required to keep things going on a daily basis consumes the time and energy needed to implement your strategy for tomorrow.

It takes discipline to implement strategic goals in all organizations. And it takes even more discipline to do it over and over again. Creating an execution culture involves incorporating four basic disciplines into your organization. At all levels of the company, individuals, leaders and teams must embrace a common strategy.

It is no longer enough to have a good strategy. The job that needs to be done is to get yourself and your team fully aware of what the most important goals are and have the discipline to execute with excellence and precision.

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