Project Management

Behaviors for successful project management

A process that helps participants, regardless of experience in Project Management, to start, run and complete successful projects.

Succeed with your projects on time, within budget and with the desired quality

Start, run and complete successful projects

In today’s working life, much of the work is driven in various projects, official and unofficial. The combination of unclear end goals and schedules, constantly changing expectations and lack of training in project management, increases the risk of projects failing, which costs time, commitment and money.

Basic project management is a process that helps participants, regardless of experience in project management, to start, run and complete successful projects. The training gives them the views, abilities and tools they need to both lead and engage people and drive the project forward.

The process is primarily for those who work as a project manager. But since many slip into the role of unofficial project manager, often with very complex tasks that would benefit from being treated as a project, it can be a solution for others as well.

How much do failed projects cost you?

When a project is poorly navigated and falls short of budget and timeline goals, it can cost you more than just money; it can cause irreparable damage to reputation, confidence, and client trust. The answer isn’t just dedicated project managers, but instilling your entire team at every level with project management abilities.

Project Managers who leads both people and process

For guaranteed project management success, we’ve studied and learned from the Accredited Project Management Institute (PMI). Distilling their robust processes, we’ve blended their techniques with FranklinCovey’s 30 years of experience and timeless principles to equip people with the skills for consistent project success.

People + Process = Success

Project management is not just about keeping track of logistics and hopes that the participants in the project group also want to succeed. Our solution equips leaders and employees for success in both small and large projects.

Behaviors for successful project management

Successfully driving the process for the project forward is a competence in itself. But what is just as important is to engage and keep the project members engaged from start to finish.

There are four behaviors that affect the project manager’s success:

  • Show respect – the basis of all good relationships with people and the opportunity to gain the respect of others is to first show respect.
  • Listen first – to listen to understand and to first try to understand different project members and then be understood.
  • Clarify expectations – as a project manager to be clear about what he or she expects from the project group and from each member.
  • Exercise responsibility – to give and take responsibility, set clear goals and measure and follow up.

The solution


  • Implement Four Foundational Behaviors that inspire team members to execute with excellence.
  • Understand that consistent project success depends on processes and people.


  • Identify a project’s stakeholders.
  • Create a well-defined project scope statement.
  • Establish clear and measurable project outcomes.


  • Identify, assess, and manage project risks.
  • Create a realistic and well-defined project schedule


  • Rapportera projektstatus
  • Conduct consistent team-accountability sessions

Monitor & Control

  • Create a clear communication plan around the project that includes regular project status reports and project changes.


  • Reward and recognize the contributions of project teams members.
  • Formally close projects by documenting lessons learned.

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