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The choices that increase efficiency, promote recovery and create sustainable leaders, employees and organizations.

Sustainable productive employees in the new working life

In today’s working life, it is both easier and harder than ever to be truly productive. Streamlining and digitalisation in organizations means that leaders and employees need to make more and more decisions every day, and at the same time there are more distractions than ever before. In addition, the line between work and private life is becoming increasingly blurred. Without an awareness of our choices, a clear prioritization system and habits that fill us with new energy, many risk being “alive buried” by all the stated and unspoken demands. This often leads to reduced commitment, stress and exhaustion, which has negative consequences for both people and organizations. Together with leading brain researchers, we have identified five crucial choices that, when made consistently, increase productivity, promote recovery and create sustainable leaders. employees and organizations.

Are you usually busy and still have the feeling that you have not got the most important things done?

Today’s fast-moving working life often means too many and unclear goals, which can make us work more and harder instead of working smart. What do we mean by that?

Working smart is not about getting everything done – it’s about getting the right things done so that we become sustainable in both the short and long term. What’s really important! To be sustainable, employees need to be good at prioritizing and making decisions, focus their attention on the most important things and manage their energy. This applies to both work and private life.

Three productivity challenges

Decision Overload

We used to make only a few high-value decisions each day, but with unlimited information and instant communication, we’re now forced to make decisions all day long. We don’t stop to consider the value of the decisions, we just react. And the most important decisions pass us by.

Attention is under attack

The average office worker gets only three minutes of work time before being distracted. Our brains are wired for distraction, and the ability to think is overwritten by the need to react. We’ve moved from the age of physical labor to mental labor. And now, just as we need our minds the most, our ability to think is under attack.

Low Energy Crises

The pressure to make good decisions while our attention is under attack, is exhausting. We come to work burned out and disengaged. We’re not able to give our best, even though we want to.

When the calendar is full of appointments, the to-do list grows and the phone rings, the 5 choices provide perspective on what is important to address and a tool in prioritizing tasks. Quite simply a method for current situations in life.


The Solution

Crack the code for life-changing productivity

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity® ombines timeless principles with current neuroscience research to help better manage decisions, attention, and energy to consistently make choices that give the greatest return on time.

  1. Act on the Important; Don’t React to the Urgent
  2. Go For Extraordinary; Don’t Settle for Ordinary
  3. Schedule the Big Rocks, Don’t Sort Gravel
  4. Rule Your Technology; Don’t Let it Rule You
  5. Fuel Your Fire, Don’t Burn Out

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