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Get your leaders ready to "lead now"

We help organizations develop their leaders at three levels: Lead themselves, lead teams and lead the organization.

For sustainable leadership at all levels

FranklinCoveys approach – why leadership training matters!

Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage and it is created by the behavior of leaders at every level within the organization. At FranklinCovey, we’ve learned that the very best leaders bring both great character and competence to their leadership style.

10 years of digital knowledge

On-demand, multi-modal digital learning and content available online at anytime, anywhere. We have engaging, interactive, and participative virtual instructor-led training sessions!

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  • Get your leaders ready to “lead now”
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team
  • Multipliers – how the best leaders ignite everyone’s intelligence
  • The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership

In today’s fast-paced, complex working environment leadership development is essential for enabling organisations to unleash their innovation and growth potential in a sustainable way.

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Get your leaders ready to “lead now”

FranklinCovey’s solutions help your managers become leaders and make leadership an invaluable skill for the success of your business.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Goes deep by developing character and increasing the ability to take initiative, to take responsibility and to collaborate with others. Here, behaviors are developed that help your employees become more sustainably productive, to better prioritise and strike a balance between work and private life. The 7 Habits are basic self-leadership that is essential for organizational leadership. You can not lead others, unless you can lead yourself.

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The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team

A hands-on process that equips leaders with six basic abilities and behaviors to succeed in a leadership role. They learn the mindsets, abilities and tools that create commitment, productivity and results. The process is composed of content from FranklinCovey’s various programs and has been specifically selected to successfully support team leaders as well as others who lead groups of employees.

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The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership

With 30 years of experience in leadership development, we know that there are four key roles that successful leaders need to master. We call them key roles because leaders need to be good at all four to create commitment and sustainable results in a complex and fast-moving world. This process suits your experienced leaders who need to sharpen their ability to lead through others. It is also excellent for management teams that need to create success with the help of strategy and vision.

So how can leaders stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves and their teams when so much is changing so quickly?

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