Sustainable leadership

Create commitment and sustainable results

The basics of sustainable and successful employee leadership.

The foundations of a sustainable and successful leadership of employees

Firs-level leaders make a significant impact on every metric in your business. The relationship with the immediate manager determines the employees’ productivity and commitment. It has a major impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, on innovation and results. The immediate manager creates and supports the culture and of everything that happens within a company, it is the relationship with the immediate manager that has the greatest impact on whether employees choose to stay or quit.

Team leadersmake a significant impact on every metric in your business; employee productivity and engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty and innovation. Research shows that emotional intelligence can explain as much as 80 percent of a leader’s success. Despite this, many are promoted to leaders based on the results achieved or technical competence, not on their leadership qualities. In addition, data from the Harvard Business Review show that people who become managers for the first time on average have to wait 12 years to get their first degree in leadership.

Leadership is a little too important to be left to chance in that way. The sooner people get the tools to lead, the better leaders they can become. The 6 success factors: Leading a team is a practice-oriented process that equips participants with six important skills they need to succeed.

The basics of successful leadership

The 6 Critical Practices For Leading A Team is a process with a practical basis for its leadership.

The process is excellent for employees who have been given their very first team leadership role and need to learn to go from performing individually to leading others to perform. It is also suitable for more experienced team leaders who have been in their roles for a while but who need to become even better at effectively leading their teams in today’s working life.

The 6 Critical Practices are:

1. Develop a leaders mindset

Explore the critical mindset shifts that will maximize your success as a leader of others.

2. Hold regular 1-on-1s

Increase engagement of team members by conducting regular 1-on-1s, deepen your understanding of team member issues, and help them solve problems for themselves.

3. Set up your team to get results

Create clarity about team goals and results; delegate responsibility to team members while providing the right level of support.

4. Create a culture of feedback

Give feedback to develop team member confidence and competence; improve your own performance by seeking feedback from others.

5. Lead your team through change

Identify specific actions to help team members navigate and accelerate through change and achieve better performance.

6. Manage your time and energy

Use weekly planning to focus on the most important priorities, and strengthen your ability to be an effective leader by applying the 5 Energy Drivers.

The result

The program is ideal for new first-level leaders who need to transition successfully from individual contributors to leaders of others. It also applies to leaders who have been in their roles for some time, and are looking for practical and relevant guidance on how to effectively lead and manage their teams.

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