Closing the Sale

Helping Clients Succeed: Closing The Sale

The sales training program that makes salespeople close deals faster, with better margins and with more satisfied customers.

Increase the proportion and quality of won deals

Take the opportunities all the way

The third part of the award-winning sales program Helping customers succeed is called Closing The Sale. Here, salespeople train in the behaviors that are important to be really skilled at during the final phase of a deal. The result is that the deal close faster with better margins and more satisfied customers.

Only one in six sales presentations has a more than 50 percent chance of resulting in a sale. Salespeople, even experienced salespeople, lose opportunities for two main reasons:

  • Wrong focus. The seller presents to open the sale rather than close the deal. This means that the deal is lost before the sales presentation has even been held.
  • The sales presentation is rich in information but poor in decision-making. Meetings often end with the customer saying “thank you very much”, “we will think about this a bit” or “can you send us some of your PowerPoint photos?”. But no decisions are made.

Discover the principles that make your salespeople close business

Close business with confidence

In this program, salespeople learn how to effectively show their potential customers how your product or service solves customers’ most business-critical needs. They learn to do what high-performing salespeople do:

  • Sell ​​with the goal of creating win-win.
  • Prepare and create conditions for good decision-making in every meeting with the customer
  • Talk less about the customer and more with the customer
  • Follow a structured and reliable process to determine when it is time to close the deal.

The Solution

Deals that close faster and better with a higher margin

  • The habit of carefully planning each conversation with the customer to influence and benefit the customer’s own internal decision-making process.
  • Method for mapping the sub-decisions that need to be made before the last decision, so that the seller can push each part forward with confidence.
  • Ability to determine the individual decision that the customer must make at the end of the meeting.
  • Method to ensure that the decision is customer-focused and the customer is comfortable saying no if needed.
  • Ability to understand and communicate customers’ opinions and assumptions back to them in a way that makes them feel understood.
  • Create effective and well-founded arguments that facilitate the final decision.
  • Be able to see objections as opportunities rather than threats.
  • Address objections with a clear method.
  • The habit of planning each conversation with your customer to create the best possible conditions for decisions.
  • Focus on creating win-win results.
  • Create a powerful opening and closing for each customer meeting.

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