Finding opportunities

Fill your pipeline and create New Business

We train salespeople in the behaviors, attitudes and abilities of the most successful salespeople in the world.

Create new business in a more efficient way

Focus on finding the right opportunities

FranklinCovey’s first part of the sales training program, Helping Clients Succeed: Filling Your Pipeline, helps salespeople solve the great challenges that many teams face today. We do this by training them in the behaviors, views and abilities of the most successful salespeople in the world. They also learn a process and routines that create continuous success.

Imagine if there was a simple and systematic way to find new customers, which was predictable and cost-effective – and which salespeople like to use. After more than ten years of working with sales managers and sales teams around the world, we have learned to:

  • The prospecting techniques that worked so well in the past simply won’t work today.
  • Sales pipelines are too small and full of opportunities that go nowhere.
  • While sales teams are working harder and faster than ever, they are focused on the wrong activities.
  • Most companies won’t realize they’ve missed their goals until it’s too late.

Nowhere in the sales process do a few minutes of dialogue more quickly determine whether we continue or end our relationship than during the initial interaction.

- Randy Illig, co-author, Let's get real or let's not play

The knowing-doing gap

There’s a lot of “good” sales training available to sales professionals. The secret is finding a way to get good at doing the right things!

Helping Clients Succeed®: Filling Your Pipeline® employs an expert-designed playbook process to help sales professionals apply what they learned over the course of 12 weeks to ensure sustained behavior change.

The solution

Discover how proven principles bring success.

  • Use the behaviors that have created success for the most successful salespeople in the world.
  • Set clear goals for your exploration and ensure ROI (Return on Investment) at the end of the subsequent 12-week process.
  • Challenge a traditional approach to exploration by making conscious and rational decisions instead of random ones.
  • Focus on helping customers succeed by seeking mutual benefits.
  • Identify specific criteria that make some prospects more likely than others to lead to sales.
  • Identify and focus on specific prospects based on a prioritization tool.
  • Discover new resources and tools for doing research.
  • Develop a strategy for creating and maintaining a network of references.
  • Build the confidence needed to anticipate and respond to counter-arguments.
  • Create interesting messages that are so good that they lead to meetings with prospects.
  • Work into the new strategies and tools over a 12-week period to create a long-term sustainable behavior change.

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