Sales Process

Helping Clients Succeed: Qualifying Opportunities

Helps salespeople to more quickly understand the customer's real business needs and thus shorten their sales cycles, increase customer satisfaction and win more business.

Shorten your sales cycles with a structured approach

Become a trusted advisor and win more business

Is the business in your pipeline moving forward the way you want?
High-performing salespeople spend the majority of their time qualifying their prospects in a structured way. They are also skilled at driving their business forward in a predictable way.

At FranklinCovey, we see many sales teams that have too long sales cycles. Sellers spend time on the wrong opportunities or they lack a method to help customers make decisions. Therefore, we have developed a process that helps salespeople to more quickly understand the customer’s real business needs and thus shorten their sales cycles, increase customer satisfaction and win more business.

By working with over 35,000 salespeople worldwide, we’ve seen three behaviors that most salespeople recognize:

  • First is their reluctance to stop pursuing weak opportunities because they’re afraid they won’t hit their quota.
  • Next is their apparent rush to close the deal without taking the time to really understand their client’s needs.
  • Finally, the third behavior is the sales person’s inability to handle objections and pushbacks effectively.

The results are often over-investing in the wrong people and opportunities, under-investing in the right opportunities, and leaving money on the table by failing to uncover the business issues their clients are really striving for.

Get good at what really works!

The Helping Clients Succeed: The Qualifying Opportunities training program is based on three approaches to successful sales and gives salespeople the ability and tools to put them into practice.

  • We call the first approach “Enable Decisions”. Here, salespeople get structured tools to help customers make decisions during the sales process.
  • The “Win ​​Fast, Lose Fast” approach helps salespeople become better at quickly qualifying the prospects.
  • “Handle objections” is an approach where we train salespeople to anticipate and handle the objections the customer raises without damaging the trust that has been built up in the sales process.

The Solution

Shorter sales cycles and an effective way to qualify opportunities.

  • New behaviors and approaches to sales from high-performing salespeople.
  • Training in setting specific goals to ensure ROI (Return on Investment) at the end of the subsequent 12-week process.
  • Understanding of the importance of mapping and facilitating the customer’s decision process.
  • Ability to create a specific one that handles the customer’s most critical needs.
  • Method to focus on helping the customer succeed and put their own agenda aside.
  • Ability to create a “business case” together with customers by mapping the most important issues, their impact on the results and mapping the decision-making process.
  • Ability to create a realistic picture of its pipeline.
  • Ability to act as a trustworthy advisor to the client.
  • Self-confidence to handle objections in a constructive way.
  • Ability to handle gatekeepers.
  • A 12-week process that keeps the new behaviors and abilities intact.

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