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Everyone Deserves a Great Manager (16/3)

16 mar 2021 10.00-11.00
Workshop is hosted by:

Marcus Jarl

is a Senior Consultant with FranklinCovey. With a background in the Swedish Air Force, 15 years of practical managerial experience in the business sector and 10 years of leadership training at FranklinCovey, he will share some pragmatic insights on what it takes to become a manager that people choose to engage with.

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According to our research, only one in five, of first-level leaders said they felt prepared for leadership when first offered the role. Most managers feel confident in their ability as individual contributors, but when they are not coached out of that mode to creating results with and through others can become overwhelming. The ripple effect this has amongst direct reports can undermine both performance and trust; especially when these first-level leaders are not only in the thick of every-day action on the frontline, but also central to executing key company strategy.

First-level leaders make a significant impact on every metric in your business. The relationship with the immediate manager determines the employees’ productivity and commitment. It has a major impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, on innovation and results.

Join us in a live-online webinar, in English, for Everyone Deserves a Great Manager learning about some of the critical practices in which this demanding yet rewarding role requires more of people – and what it can accomplish when invested in properly.

Drawn from a decade of research and found in FranklinCovey’s Wall Street Journal bestseller book, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager: The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team, we explore a proven framework for helping to convert average managers into the extraordinary difference-makers we need now more than ever.

This session will be of value to those leaders who are looking to:

  • Identify the current, authentic problems managers face to help unlock their critical potential
  • Reinvigorate the skillset of seasoned managers, and fast-track the development of new ones
  • Create the mindset needed for managers to get work done with and through others, both in times of stability and change

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