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Unleash Your Team’s Natural Genius!

Everyone has a natural genius. Unlocking it is the secret to accessing more of each team member’s energy and ideas. To help your leaders get the most from their teams, share our guide, 5 Ways to Multiply Your Team’s Natural Genius, based on research by bestselling author Liz Wiseman.

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Are Your Leaders Multipliers?

In the research for her bestselling book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, Liz Wiseman identified the nine most common Accidental Diminisher tendencies. These behaviors are often associated with being a strong individual performer or even a strong leader, but when overused or misapplied, they can shut down a team’s intelligence and contributions.

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40 Back-Pocket Questions to Unleash Your Team’s Intelligence

The best leaders are curious. But they don’t just ask a lot of questions. They ask the right questions — the kind that focus their team’s brainpower on the right problems.

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How effective leaders get results – 7 ways to be more proactive

Read our guide, How Effective Leaders Get Results: 7 Ways to be More Proactive, to learn how taking initiative in small, specific ways can help you reach your goals—for your team, your career, and your life.

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Make the Mental Leap to Leader

A six-step guide for first-level-leaders. If your mentality toward work hasn’t changed significantly since you became a first-level leader, it’s likely you’re not actually leading. LEADING PEOPLE IS VASTLY DIFFERENT from working as an individual contributor.

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8 Ways to Boost Your Team’s Commitment to Goals

In a perfect world, your team magically shows up to work fully committed to the organization’s Wildly Important Goals® (WIGs®) – ready and willing to win as a team. But since that’s not typical behavior in the real world, try these eight team commitment-boosting strategies.

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Execute Your Strategic Goals and Create Breakthrough Results

When you execute a strategy that requires a lasting change in the behavior of other people, you are facing one of the greatest leadership challenges you will ever meet. With The 4 Disciplines of Execution®, you are not experimenting with an interesting theory; you are implementing a set of proven practices that meet that challenge successfully every time.

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How to Manage Your Time

If you’re like most hard-working professionals, you probably spend too much time putting out fires and not enough time pursuing your long-term goals.In times of uncertainty and stress, it’s even more important to be intentional about how you use your time, so you can respond to unforeseen events in effective ways.

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6 Ways Managers Can Build Trust

A big part of leadership is inspiring teams to meet performance goals. But what determines whether they respond? Often, the answer hinges on the leader’s ability to instill or erode trust within their teams.

Building trust and inspiring your teams to meet performance goals—while fostering professional growth, productivity, and commitment—are all part of creating a culture that thrives.

Download and read this guide, which shares some best practices from FranklinCovey to build trust and share it with leaders throughout your organization.

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7 Ways to Build Trust

Credible leaders know how to build the trust necessary to propel their organization — and the people in it — forward.

To help leaders in your organization develop this critical skill, share our tool, 7 Ways to Build Trust Between You and Your Team—A Toolkit for Leaders at All Levels.

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10 Phrases Leaders Use to Build Trust

Building a culture of trust starts with a shared vocabulary of simple, yet powerful phrases that leaders use to express gratitude, offer compassion, and provide support.

Leaders who engage team members with compassion and gratitude encourage them to trust one another and rally around each other and their leader to achieve desired outcomes.

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Crucial Insights for First-Level Leaders

First-level leaders are the PERFORMANCE LINCHPIN OF ORGANIZATIONS, but they’re often thrown into leadership without resources or support. These insights and exercises will make the biggest TRANSITION of your career and DEVELOP YOUR PEOPLE into a high-performing team.

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