1 februari 2021

Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe is appointed Country Manager Norway

As a step in FranklinCovey Norths strategy to strengthen its local presence and accelerate growth in Norway, Finland and Sweden, Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe is appointed Country Manager Norway.

Tonje is an ex-Googler and ex-Microsofter who has experience in helping organizations lead digital transformation, culture and behavior change in the workplace. At Google she got first-hand experience with how to engage and motivate all employees and what it takes to make sure the company keeps its competitive edge.

“I am very happy to start working at FranklinCovey North, they have a long history of leadership, execution and transforming workplace culture. Also, their flexible approach to learning with tailor-made learning journeys and digital bite-size content for those organizations with less time, but with a strong wish to continue upskilling.” Says Tonje.

Working in various high paced global organizations and working and living in France and Switzerland has taught her how to lead change and help organizations go through change successfully. Tonje has a passion for sharing her knowledge with the world of business; transform workplace cultures into thriving spaces where people’s hearts are in their work, to increase engagement, deliver innovation and tangible results – fast.

“We are thrilled that Tonje will join us in this role. Helping our clients to be successful in implementing strategies that build on changes in human behavior is more important than ever,” says Håkan Valberg, Senior Partner and CEO of FranklinCovey North – Sweden, Norway and Finland. He continues “Now that we have completed the recruitment of a Country Manager in both Norway and Finland and can offer our content in all three languages, we have the local presence needed to help organizations improve their results”.

If you would like for information, please contact:
Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe, Country Manager Norway, tonje.elisabeth.aarøe@franklincovey.no, +47 95336854
Håkan Valberg, Senior Partner and CEO, hakan.valberg@franklincovey.se, +46 70 875 51 33